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March 2013

Class Integrity Award Goes to Alexandra Lund

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I just love my teacher – she awarded me the Integrity Award. I try to always be sincere and honest. The other kids in my class are like that too. Not sure how or why she singled me out for this award, but I am grateful. It is a nice thing to be recognized for.

Congratulations to Alexandra Lund for receiving the character award for Integrity. Alexandra always pays careful attention to the rules and expectations of the environment around her. Paired with this honorable ability to constantly abide to expectations, is her consistency in doing the right thing in any given situation. If Alexandra isn’t sure of what the rules are, instead of risking wrongdoing, she will clarify with a authority figure before acting without knowing her expectations. Having the knowledge of her good character is why Alexandra does right. Alexandra knows that doing the right thing is an honorable character trait to possess, even when no one is looking. Alexandra does what’s right, not to receive anything in return, except her own rightful character, and the pride that comes with knowing that she has a character with integrity.

– Ms. Lauren Kipps

By the way – my teacher is a model. She is super sweet and beautiful – Here are her head shots. Lauren Ashley Kipps