Miley Killed My Idol Hannah Montana

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I am still a little girl, but when I was a really little girl, Hannah Montana was my idol. I watched every show, learned every song. I guess that I was like just about every other little girl in 2008.

As a 10 year old professional dancer, the MTV Video Music Awards are what my friend Larsen Thompson called the “Super Bowl of dancing”. I know a few of the choreographers and professional dancers that work their tails off to be apart of the show. During the VMA awards, I looked forward to the performance from Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. Hannah Montana). My girlhood idol Miley Cyrus did a hashtag fail with her performance. It was hashtag bad entertainment, hashtag inappropriate, and hashtag disappointing. Disney’s Hannah Montana is dead now, clearly put in a casket by Miley Cyrus.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to be famous when you are a little girl. Disney may have simply done a great job of masking the real Miley Cyrus from the amazing Hannah Montana.

I work really hard as a dancer, and I try my hardest on every audition to book jobs. However, I am glad that I am surrounded by all of my friends and family that tell me to stay sweet and humble. I can’t imagine how Miley’s parents, manager, agent, choreographer, publicist, director, and others all saw that act and somehow thought that it would be o.k. The entertainment industry is a crazy place where people try radical things, but someone should have said NO!

Here is a video of me at age 4, in 2008 singing “The Best of Both Worlds.”



  • thanks for sharing your feelings about this Alexandra. I know how disappointed you are with where Miley Cyrus has taken her career. Her early songs were so inspiring and yet still very fun. I don’t know she couldn’t have taken a path like Taylor Swift. She has become an elegant and beautiful young woman. In any case thanks for sharing the video of you singing Hannah Montana when you were little. I forgot how adorable it was! I love you. Mom

  • Barry Rossum says:

    We love how you have developed Sparkles. A wonderful performer with a level head. Please continue to hang on to that belief that one does not have sell their sole to the devil to advance in ones career. You have the talent to succeed without compromising your beliefs. We love your moral compass. All our love, Darlene and Barry.

  • I love that you are such a professional and so driven at a young age. It was wonderful to meet you and hope to see you stay true to yourself as your career rocket launches. Your parents are wonderful people that I am proud to know. I hope my daughter, Molly, stays true to herself as well! Hugs, Amy Smythe Harris

  • Thank you Barry and Darlene! I know how important it is to stay humble. Even some of the kids I have met in the industry have already gotten a little fame crazy and it’s not good.

  • Barry Rossum says:

    Thanks Marilyn Wilson Lund for your reply to my message to Sparkles. She will always be my special GC dumpling. Barry and I will really miss Sparkles and you two and your Mothers when we depart to Minnesota and Boston. It has been wonderful seeing Sparkles develop from in utero to the darling she is now. She continues to be in my dreams and prayers. As I type this I become tearful. I am excited about my improved vision after surgery on Thursday. Barry and the kids have been supportive and tender through the whole process. Love ya, Darlene and Barry too.

  • thank you so much amy!!!! and say hi to molly for me!

  • thanks guys! i love you too!!!

  • i remember when you were that age 🙂

  • Debbie Rogenmoser (aka Mrs. Crump) says:

    I think its great to see a person speak her mind about one of her great interests.

  • Phillipa says:

    Well written! But try to look at it this way; Hannah Montana is fictional and will always be there as she is portrayed, fictionally. The actor, being a real person is who has changed, and people will disappoint you in life, it’s not fun but they do. The actor, Miley, grew up so different than you probably, her parents had different morals etc. This is her personal stage in life that she is exploring, to check back on her in a few years, or not, and find someone else to look up to for now. Hannah Montana will always be Hannah Montana, Miley is being who she wants to be and you remember to be what you want to be too, now and when you get older. Always be proud of yourself. Keep writing, you are doing a great job expressing your views, kudos!

  • gymglitterxx says:

    If you want to see tame, Disney-esque dance performances then GO WATCH DISNEY CHANNEL!! Cute video of you singing though

  • Anne Wilson says:

    It was great seeing you singing that Hannah Montana song again. Great work!!!You know I am your most dedicated fan. Love. Your proud Grandma

  • grandma, you’re blogging! i am so proud of you!!!!!

  • Do you feel any differently about Miley Cyrus after watching #MileyMovement on MTV last night?

  • I do. I see more of where she was going with the whole “new Miley” thing.

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