Have you ever heard such good news that you feel like you’re going to pee? Today I’m going to tell you about my encounter with those situations. Usually, this happens to me when I book an audition or win an award. It gives me a rush where I just feel like I could do anything. It also motivates me to keep trying my hardest. Another time when this happens a lot is when I eat lots of sugar. I get super excited and start jumping up and down (then I get the pee feeling). So, I guess for me the things that give me this emotion are things that make go, “Weeeeeeeee!!!” I was going to talk about the opposite of pee moments but I don’t want to ruin your guys’ day. I’ve never tried to hold on to a “weee” moment, but I think that if I were to attempt it, I would try to embrace the good news and take the best out of it.

What I’ve realized as a dancer, is that after a lot of “weee” moments, you start to get used to it. For example, after you keep winning competitions over and over again it doesn’t feel as special as it did when you won that first competition.

I really hope that I can stay as motivated as I am right now to keep dancing and pursuing my goals. As one of my dance teachers always says, “Dream a dream, set your plan, do the work.” I think these are very good words to live by.

I know this was sort of a short blog post but I think its meaningful and explains a lot about me. Thanks for reading!

p.s. Keep on having those “wee” moments. They don’t always last forever.


  • Great words to live by Alexandra! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Victor lund says:

    Totally awesome. Pee your heart out

  • Darlene and barry says:

    Sparkles you are incredible and always have been to us since you were born. You have an innate ability for dance and for writing and for being you. Right now we at overwhelmed with our move but you will always being in our heart and thoughts. Words can not express all the feelings we have for you.

    Pee S: We will have a special rib night before we leave with trunk full of goodies just for you.

    Pee Pee S. We will forever love and adore you. Darlene and Barry

  • Irene says:

    What a plerause to find someone who thinks through the issues

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